Staying Between The Ears

What I often see: the horse is successfully trained, but the owner is not!

When I work with a horse for 90 days, the owner is always excited to get the horse home, but once back at home, the owner doesn't know what to do.

My solution? I work with you as your horsemanship coach. I put together a horsemanship program that allows you to learn as your horse learns. Since I'm your horsemanship coach, I will be right there with you, coaching you through the areas you need to build up on the most. I will encourage you to challenge me with questions. No question is a bad question!

Colorado Classic Horse Show

A Unique Program

My program is unique - first, we will focus on building "your foundation."

Your foundation is the "Learning skills" that you must have. You need these skills to be safe and confident as the leader your horse expects you to be. Horses are a herd species and have pecking orders. Your order is leadership!

Self-Confidence, Focus, Patience, and Courage are just a few of the many skills you can learn. Once you start to feel a change in your self-confidence, everything you didn't understand in the past will begin to make sense. The frustration will go away, and you will even become more creative in your decisions.

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Get Started Today

My method of training a horse is holistic and natural. Using our 50-foot indoor round pen, the horse has the ability to learn how to carry itself in the desired collection before adding the human element.

If you follow my program as I set it up for you, the program will become second nature. In other words, it will become a positive habit - you won't have to think about it. Your horse will become relaxed and more willing to please you as the leader you will become. That's what you want!

Let me be your horsemanship coach, your horseman teacher so you will become the Leader your horse deserves. You can become a natural equinist. 

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